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Lao Traditional Home Stay

Experience life in a traditional Lao village along the Mekong River. The Lao Traditional Home Stay is a beautiful 30 minute boat ride from Luang Prabang. Enjoy a real local dining experience. Depending upon the season, there are opportunities for planting, harvesting and fishing. You may even catch your own dinner!


Tai Lu Traditional Home Stay

Tai Lu villages are generally found in lush valleys or along tranquil rivers. Tai Lu homes homes are traditionally built on tall, wooden stilts. Lu women are known for their traditional weaving of beautiful cotton and silk products. The Tai Lu farm rice, cotton, tobacco and other crops. Stay in a Tai Lu home and learn about the Tai Lu culture and way of life.


Phunoi and Akha Traditional Home Stays (Phongsaly)

The Phunoi and Akha live at higher mountain elevations in the northernmost provinces of Laos. Each group has their own distinct culture and customs. Phunoi villages consist of groups of houses made of wood or bamboo, built on stilts, and clustered on the mountainside. The Akha homes are built on the ground in small mountainside communities. Their residential areas are usually adjacent to their farm lands which, in addition to rice, often include tea or coffee. Both locations offer the spectacular mountain beauty of northern Laos.